Are you new to your Chiropractic office? Get engaged immediately with our Jump Start Program. You’ll receive over 8 hours of detailed training that will help you begin your journey in Chiropractic on Day 1 with the core essentials needed to hit the ground running! This program includes 3 Benchmarks. Each Benchmark includes video’s, detailed step-by-step PowerPoint Presentations and office documents needed to help you get integrated in your new position as a Chiropractic Assistant and keep the practice running smoothly.

The Jump Start Program includes:
1. Chiropractic Principles and Terminology
2. Exceptional Service Techniques
3. Telephone Procedures

Each benchmark will walk you through detailed training from Dr. Cheryl Langley. Members will have access to our “Members Only” Facebook page to post questions and get answers.

You will have access to the materials for 3 months to enable you to revisit and review as much as you need! Upon completion of the Jump Start Program, discounts are available to upgrade to our 12 Benchmark Comprehensive Program.


CA Benchmark 1

Chiropractic Principles and Terminology

• Chiropractic’s Core Ideas
• What Your Doctor Wants
• Core Principles PowerPoint Presentation
• What Happens When You Have Nerve Interference?
• Core Objectives
• Chiropractic Terminology

CA Benchmark 2

Exceptional Service Techniques

• Exceptional Service
• What Your Doctor Wants
• Webinar – The Service Concept
• Exceptional Service PowerPoint Presentation
• BM 2 Core Objectives
• The Use of Scripts

CA Benchmark 3

Telephone Procedures

• Telephone Procedures
• Unbeatable Telephone Techniques
• Dynamic Telephone Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
• Telephone Scripts
• Doctor Questions vs. C.A. Questions
• What Your Doctor Wants