The Comprehensive Course has all 12 BM's for CA training.

C.A.’s, you are the face of the office! You are the first person a prospective patient speaks to on the phone. You are the first person that New Patient see’s when they enter the office. You are the person they trust to help them navigate this experience we call Chiropractic. You answer their questions, make financial plans work for them, file their insurance, get them to bring in their families to get checked. YOU MAKE THINGS WORK.

That is why we’re so excited to bring this program to you. To help you become EXCEPTIONAL at what you do. Whether you are new to your office or have been in Chiropractic for some time, you will find that the information and training you receive in this program will help you become not only a good C.A., but a GREAT C.A.

In this 52 Weeks Comprehensive CA program you’ll have 12 Benchmarks of learning material that can be adapted to any practice, as long as you want to see and help more people! It is full of material that needs to be studied, learned and PRACTICED to bring you to your next level. As you grow yourself with this information and training, there will be discussion topics for use in your Team Meetings. You can help more people with Chiropractic, develop deep and lasting communication skills that can be used ANYwhere, and have more fun than you ever imagined every day helping people! So, are you willing to do what’s necessary to go from average to good to GREAT? Excellent! Let’ s get started!


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