Individual Systems Training

Are you an experienced C.A. that just needs some specialized training? The “Choose Your System” program was created for Chiropractic Assistants that are wanting to sharpen their skills and improve their office systems for greater results. Want to start participating in outside marketing of the practice? Need some help with generating referrals? Financial system need some congruency? With the Choose Your System program, we make it easy for you to pick and choose the area that you would like to focus on.

You will have access to the materials for 3 months to enable you to revisit and review as much as you need! Upon completion of your current Benchmark, discounts are available to upgrade to our 12 Benchmark Comprehensive Program.



CA Benchmark 1



Chiropractic's Core Principles $199

-Why we are different
-The function of the Nerve System
-Basic Anatomy of Spine & Nerve System
-Chiropractic Terminology
-Your Role as a Chiropractic Assistant

CA Benchmark 2

The Exceptional Chiropractic Assistant $299

-Steps of Service
-Company Objectives
-Improving People Skills
-Ritz-Carlton Level Service Training
-Personal Image

CA Benchmark 3

Telephone Procedures $299

-Proper telephone etiquette
-Verbal communication skills
-New Patient calls
-Handling patient questions
-Scheduling over the phone
-Handling sales calls, etc.

CA Benchmark 4

Scheduling Procedures $299

-Scheduling New Patients, Reports, Exams
-Multiple appointment scheduling
-Keeping patients on track with care
-Scheduling for your New Patient Health Talk

CA Benchmark 5

The First Visit System $299

-First Impressions & Etiquette
-Important and Necessary Documents
-Communication Skills
-Procedures and Policies
-Financial Communication and Policies

CA Benchmark 6

The Second Visit System $299

-The Report of Findings system
-Communicating Care Plan Recommendations
-Handling Questions
-Documents necessary
-Patient Compliance

CA Benchmark 7

The Financial System $399

-Create ease in your Financial system
-Manage Insurance and Non-insurance patient accounts
-Build communication skills in discussing finances
-Perform expert financial consultations
-Discuss financial options

CA Benchmark 8

Handling Patient Questions and Concerns $299

-How to address commonly asked questions competently
-Handling questions about scheduling or finances
-Handling objections, concerns or disgruntled patients
-Knowing the difference between a Doctor question and a C.A. question

CA Benchmark 9

The Recall / Missed Appointment System $299

-Communication strategies for calling missed appointments
-System training for retention
-Handling repeat missed appointments
-Communication strategies for Re-engaging inactive patients

CA Benchmark 10

The Referral Generation System $299

-Becoming your Doctor’s best asset
-How to connect with patients that encourage referrals
-Family referrals
-Generating Success Stories
-Growing the practice from the inside

CA Benchmark 11

Helping Build Your Doctor’s Practice $349

-Gain confidence & ease talking Chiropractic outside of the office
-How to handle objections/ concerns/questions from prospective patients
-How to do a Spinal Screening
-How to create and manage internal and external marketing events

CA Benchmark 12

Improving Patient Flow (Increasing Capacity) $249

-How to Increase patient visit capacity
-Identify Barriers to Growth
-Streamline Procedures
-Improve Efficiency
-Avoid the Growth Trap