Meet who will be teaching you this course
Dr. Cheryl Langley 001Cheryl Langley, DC

A 1987 Life Chiropractic College graduate, Dr. Cheryl Langley built and maintained a highly successful, volume family practice, consistently caring for over 100 patients per day, while having and raising two exceptional children. Her journey began in Dr. Rick Franks office as an Associate Doctor. There she developed her skills and trained with Dr. Franks on the very systems that the 52 Weeks To Success Program brings to you! She continued on in her own practice and in the following years trained and mentored Doctors to excel in her practice as well as on their own. Dr. Cheryl is rock-solid in her chiropractic philosophy and credits her success in practice on keeping her principles and philosophy strong, building a great team and mastery of a systems-based approach to growing a thriving family practice.

Dr. Langley was a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Council of Chiropractic for 10 years, and served as President from 1998-2000. She received the GCC “Chiropractor of the Year Award” for the year 2000, and was the recipient of the “Ernie Landi Award” for Family Practice Chiropractor of the Year Award in 2006. Internationally, Dr. Langley served on the Board of Directors for the FSCO.

She is a popular guest speaker/presenter nationwide at organizations and colleges: Parker Chiropractic College, Life University, Life West Chiropractic College

Sherman College of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dynamic Essentials, Palmetto State Chiropractic Assn. GCC Philosophy Night, FSCO Triune

Seminars, ICPA Pediatric Certification Program, New Beginnings Seminars, Focus Philosophy Seminars, as well as various state chiropractic organization conventions.

Dr. Langley brings her practice experience to the 52 Weeks To Success Program as a contributor and coach, helping chiropractors create and build successful principled practices, enabling them to help more people and build a great life.
Here’s just a little bit of what is covered:

    • Chiropractic knowledge/terminology
    • Recalls
    • Office flow/scheduling Marketing Procedures for CA’s
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Handling problems
    • Handling payments/finances
    • Office products/services
    • Special procedures
    • Helpful Videos and Power Points
    • NP workshops
    • Special Webinars for CA’s
    • Office etiquette
    • Role playing exercises
    • Systems Production
    • Avoiding in office problems
    • And much, much more!
    • We even have in office training available upon request.

Doctors Cheryl Langley and Rick Franks will give you the best of their combined 60 years of training Chiropractic Assistants. They will cover everything from A-Z, allowing you to grow your practice and reach your full potential!

Doctor, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to grow yourself and your business. Don’t let an untrained staff keep you from reaching your potential!

Just imagine…one prospective patient per week decides NOT to visit you because of poor telephone etiquette in your office. That’s 52 new patients lost and if each new patient averages $2,000 in income for you, it doesn’t take long to do the math!

In the 52 Weeks to Success C.A. Training Program, we hold the same principles for your staff as we do for you…that success comes from the mastery of little things. When your staff gets the little things done, it allows you to be your best, do your best and as a result, have the best in everything! So don’t wait, let’s get going now and make your office the “Go To” office in your community!